How a Journey Begins

When I was in the third grade, I made a very big decision for myself. For my life.

And that decision was that I wanted to become a published author someday.

Now, as many people may know, writing is a rather difficult field to get into, and even if a person does get in – get published, I mean – it often doesn’t pay well. Therefore, when most people think of having a writing career, their minds instantly turn to the “starving artist” image: a person writing adamantly in his tiny Manhattan apartment (the total area would be close to the size of a closet, of course – don’t forget that) on an old typewriter, whiskey on the table beside him, cigarette in one shaking hand.

And maybe this image is true at times. Maybe, when a person decides to get into this field without a backup plan, he or she is ultimately destined for a burnout.

But whether or not this is true, writing is an art. And art is passion. And passion… passion cannot be dismissed. Passion needs to be built on; it needs to get out there, into the world… imagine a world without books! Without imagination! Without the multitudes of knowledge that can come out of a single piece of paper! Without writing – without writers – our world, I’m sorry to say, would be dull and ignorant.

And I know it’s difficult – to write every day, I mean – with the stress of a day job and/or school, etc. But in all honesty, the hardest part is getting started. It is the simplest thing, really, but at the same time the beginning of a novel seems to hold so much power over the remainder of the story.

However, in reality, a writer must realize that he or she can always change that beginning, that start. It is that person’s own story – a personal journey – and nothing can take that away from a writer.

So start your journey. Nothing but your own mind – your own inhibitions – is holding you back.




2 thoughts on “How a Journey Begins

  1. says:

    Great post! And you’re so right, the hardest part of any writing project is the beginning. I kind of think of it as trying to push a stalled truck down the road. At first you try to put all your strength into it, your shoulders get bruised, your knees pop, but nothing seems to happen. It’s easy to give up, to just throw up your hands and dedicate the truck as a memorial to the lemon car hall of fame. But if you keep on pushing, and struggling, and swearing that you will not be beaten, slowly the truck will start moving. And little by little momentum will keep it moving. Then before you know it, you’re jogging along behind the truck using just one finger to keep it going.

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